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Media Studies Roadshow Incursion Blog


Write a review of our Media Studies Roadshow incursion.
You have rotated through three activities – filming a TV panel show, recording a radio talkback show and filming an animation. We hope you enjoyed the activities.

Describe at least two aspects that you enjoyed or learned about in the process. You can comment on writing the scripts, drawing backgrounds, making cut-out athletes, researching the Olympic information, learning and rehearsing your roles, organising props and costumes, recording the radio show, green screen filming, animation filming or any other features that interested you. You can also write about any problems you came across and how you solved them.

The blog needs to contain at least two interesting paragraphs.
After you have finished drafting, re-read, review and correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Next, get a grown up to read over what you’ve written. When everything is as it should be, post it on your class blog page.
Remember, your post will not be approved by your teacher if it contains mistakes.

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“Media Studies Roadshow Incursion Blog”

  1. June 22nd, 2016 at 7:58 pm      Reply Jorja Says:

    On Wednesday and Friday all of the 3/4 levels split up into groups. Half did the animation on Wednesday and the other half was doing the TV show and the radio show, then we switched on Friday.

    We did our animation first. It was very interesting to watch it after because you didn’t think it would be as good with just a set of pictures. Then on Friday we were doing the TV show and the radio show. First we had the TV show and it was very nerve racking because I didn’t know when to say my answer but it ended up OK. Next we had the radio show, it wasn’t as bad because we had a book right in front of our face. I had to put a lot of expression in my voice.

  2. June 22nd, 2016 at 5:32 pm      Reply Luca Says:

    The animation was really exciting. I enjoyed creating our background and drawing the characters for the animation. Siena and I could not wait until it was our turn. It was an action packed day but it was definitely worth waiting for. Thanks Mrs Stolfo for organising the day, it was a great experience!

  3. June 21st, 2016 at 8:16 pm      Reply Ava Says:

    On Wednesday and Friday the 3/4 level had an incursion based around the Olympics. On Wednesday my class did our animation. Jorja and I choose kayaking, our back ground was awesome, we both put hard effort into it. We had 2 people sitting in the kayak with their paddles moving. On Friday we did our TV show but we also did our radio show. In the TV show I was the host of the Olympic quiz where I had to ask questions of 2 different people, I also got to hold the script for one of the other students.The TV show was probably my favorite one but I liked all of them. In the radio show I got interviewed by someone from Rio, I also did an ad with 2 other people for a fake company called Fish Swimmers. I also had to say the wrong answer for one of the quizzes. I really enjoyed doing the incursion,thank you teachers for organising this we had a lot of fun, Ava

  4. June 21st, 2016 at 7:53 pm      Reply Isaac Says:

    The animation was very exciting. I enjoyed drawing and colouring the pictures. I thought that moving the pictures 1/5th of a centimetre would not do much but it did more than I expected. Christos and I had to cut the pictures out of the background and that was the challenge for me.

  5. June 21st, 2016 at 6:50 pm      Reply Will Says:

    First, we did the animation. Jack and I were partners and we did soccer! We were the last group to perform.

    Secondly, we did the tv show. Luca, Siena and I were in a group, sadly Luca was away. To fix the problem, Luca’s lines were not said. We did amazing Olympic facts. I was A, Luca was B and Siena was C, so only A and C were said.
    Thirdly, we did the radio show. Joshua, Christos and I were in one group. Sadly, Joshua and Christos were away so Spencer had to be my partner.

  6. June 21st, 2016 at 6:36 pm      Reply Olivia Says:

    My two favorite activities in the Incursion were – the animation and the TV show.
    The animation was fun, I liked how we had to move the cut- out characters 1 centimetre, then Mrs Stolfo would take a picture. After, we would get to see our animation on the whiteboard.

    The TV Show
    For the TV Show we got into our costumes and filmed. I had a role about the ancient Olympics. I think I did well. After we finished we had our Lunch.

    I hope our teachers plan another exiting Incursion! GO TEACHERS!

  7. June 21st, 2016 at 6:00 pm      Reply Cooper Says:

    On Wednesday the 15th and Friday the 17th of June Year 3/4 had an incursion. On Wednesday we did animations and on Friday we did a T.V. show and a radio talkback.

    When we did the radio talkback I was a rowing reporter. I couldn’t find any information so I asked my Dad and he gave me some infomation. I had to learn how to say Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon! In the T.V. show I liked how the director told some students to hold the reader’s scripts up to help them remember their words. I was on the Vox Pop and had to answer questions asked by a reporter..

    I loved the incursion and it was fun and awesome.

  8. June 21st, 2016 at 5:49 pm      Reply Molly Says:

    Last week all the 3/4 classes had an incursion. We had a TV show, a radio show and an animation.
    In the animation we had an Olympic background and two characters. We moved it a little bit then took a photo. then kept it going. IT WAS THE BEST!!

    In the TV show our teacher picks who gets what. I got THE HOST [the first person to speak] I WAS SO NERVOUS !!!

    In the radio show we had to write our own script. It was pretty hard to find information. I messed up! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN !!!

  9. June 21st, 2016 at 5:00 pm      Reply Mikayla Says:

    My animation show was about the Olympic swimming pool. Molly and l drew, coloured and cut out the characters. We also drew a background that had an Olympic pool. We were third in the queue for our presentation and it was an exciting wait for me and it was heaps of fun.

    TV Show.
    I learnt a script about the ancient Olympic games. I discussed the ancient Olympics games on a TV show and this was a scary time for me. It was hard to learn the script because it had difficult words and I was so glad it was over afterwards.

    Radio Show.
    My role was to research an athlete and l picked a gymnastic athlete. My role was to speak about the athlete on the microphone. l then was interviewed by the quiz master about the 500 metre run athlete.

    This incursion was a great experience for me and I thank the teachers and principal.

  10. June 21st, 2016 at 3:47 pm      Reply Henry Says:

    Last week at school, we had an incursion of a radio script, tv show and animation about the Olympics.

    Radio Script: I had to guess a famous Australian Olympian for a quiz radio show to win $10,000 and the famous Australian was Cathy Freeman.

    TV Show: I was a reporting about the ancient Olympic games, which was in Athens Greece over 2700 years ago.

    Animation: Kane and I had to choose a Olympic sport and we chose boxing. We had draw a picture of a boxing ring with cut out characters.

  11. June 21st, 2016 at 3:38 pm      Reply Joshua Says:

    On Wednesday and Friday the 15th and 17th of June the 3/4s had an incursion about the Olympic Games. We had to do a cut-out animation, a TV show and a Radio show. I wasn’t here on the Friday so I only did the cut-out animation. For the cut-out animation, I was with Spencer. We chose tennis as our sport. Our scene was in Rod Laver Arena and it was Novak Djockovic vs Roger Federer. We had Djockovic at the net and Federer moving around. We also had the ball moving. Our animation took 50 moves and when we played it back it was 15 seconds. For the practice of the Radio show I was in a group with Will and Christos. I was getting interviewed by Kane as well. In the group with Will and Christos, we were doing an add for the ACMI sports shop. For the TV show I was reading about the Modern Olympics. I had a page-long script.

  12. June 21st, 2016 at 3:00 pm      Reply Aaron Says:

    I had fun making my animation. I also had fun making my background and my figures.

    I had fun practising and remembering my script. I found remembering my script hard, but eventually I got it.

  13. June 21st, 2016 at 2:00 pm      Reply Christos Says:

    I enjoyed my Media Studies Incursion because we learnt about the Olympics and it was also new to me. As part of the Media Production I enjoyed the animation part. I created my animation with my partner Isaac. It was a picture with a soccer goal, goal keeper and a soccer ball. We laid our drawing in front of two lights and Mrs Stolfo used the camera to create the animation. We had lots of fun decorating the background.

    The second aspect that I enjoyed was writing the script because I learnt more information about the Olympic Gamesb in Rio. I worked with Josh and Will. We created a name called
    ACMI Sports Shop so that we could use to advertise the sporting goods. Once we finished writing we then practiced and rehearsed it. We worked very well as a group and I would love to do it again.

  14. June 20th, 2016 at 7:13 pm      Reply Ella Says:

    Last week at school, we had our animation Incursion. I really enjoyed it. The things I liked most, were when we could see how it worked and watching it at the end.

    The hard things were making the cut out characters. I learnt how to use the animations. I really enjoyed it.

  15. June 20th, 2016 at 6:57 pm      Reply Spencer Says:

    During the incursion we had three things; they were making an animation, doing a radio show and filming a T.V show.

    Radio show
    I was the weather reporter and the cycling reporter, but since you got to chose to go to school or not there were a few more roles to play. So I got to also be in the quiz and the commercial for the sports shop. I found researching the information hard, like finding the weather for Rio. I also found it hard to get the words down on the paper. I did four drafts I changed them a lot. The radio show was great!!!

    T.V show
    We were given the script for the T.V show. I was the co-host, my script was easy, it was only two paragraphs. I was added to being interviewed in vox-pop. I had to think on my feet. We watched it in fast motion, it was quite long.

    My scene was a tennis stadium. We drew people and then cut them out. We put them under the camera and it recorded them for a fraction of a second. We had to move them no further than a centimeter. We kept moving them and taking a photo. After we watched it, it looked like it was moving.

    I LOVE IT!! Best incursion ever. Thanks teachers!

  16. June 19th, 2016 at 6:13 pm      Reply Mackenzie Says:

    On the 15 of June there was an incursion at our school for animations. First we got paired up with partners and we both got to chose an Olympic theme. Then we drew it on paper with two cut out animations. We got this screen shot machine and we used it and we had to move the animations half a centimeter and take another shot for a fifth of a second. I thought it was fun and I want to do it again some other time.

  17. June 19th, 2016 at 11:22 am      Reply Jack Says:

    I liked how Michael edited the TV show and the green screen. I liked the process of the animation and drawing the little people and the background.

    I thought that standing in front of the camera was nerve racking and I also found it hard to find all the info for my hockey script.
    I thought it was fun.

  18. June 18th, 2016 at 3:15 pm      Reply Amelie Says:

    Media Studies Roadshow
    On the 15th and the 17th of June the 3/4 level had a Media Studies Roadshow Incursion.
    I thought that the two best activities were the Animation and the T.V panel show

    In the Animation I loved picking and drawing a sport of our choice, in that case the sport that I chose with my partner was high jump. It was really amazing how the make short film by moving your characters in film half a centimetre. It’s really amazing.

    My favorite part of the whole incursion was the T.V panel show. One of my favorite parts of the T.V show was practising the script for the show. My part in the T.V show was a reporter about ‘Australia’s greatest athletes’ it was really fun and also one of my favorite parts was using the green screen, it was really cool because we could see them when they were filming we could see how they looked with the background.

  19. June 18th, 2016 at 8:47 am      Reply Molly Says:

    Our school did an incursion. In the incursion we did a TV show, a radio show and an animation. In the TV show we had to learn a script and perform in front of a green screen.

    In the animation we made a background of one of the Olympic games with two characters moving we took one photo then moved them a little bit and then one photo again and keep going. We had a partner. SO MUCH FUN!!

    Last but not least, THE RADIO SHOW!! We got two microphones and we talked. I got interviewed by one of my friends.

  20. June 17th, 2016 at 9:22 pm      Reply Sam Says:

    I really enjoyed the animation we did for the incursion. Cooper was my partner and we worked really well together.Our animation turned out really well and it was easy to understand.

    I liked the practice we did for the radio and TV show.I enjoyed it because it was fun and entertaining!

  21. June 17th, 2016 at 2:57 pm      Reply Siena Says:

    This week the 3/4 level had an incursion. In my class the incursion was held over two days, Wednesday and Friday.
    On Wednesday we did the animation and on Friday we did the radio talk back and the T.V show.
    I think my favourite thing in the incursion is too hard to choose because everything was so awesome!

    When we did the animation my partner and I drew a boxing ring and two boxers. To make the animation we used a big machine that took lots of pictures and in between each picture we moved our character a tiny bit.
    We had a green screen for the T.V show and I was in the Amazing Olympic Facts. It was hard to learn the script because it had hard words that I couldn’t read easily.

    We also did the radio show. I was one of the hosts. Sadly, the other host Isaac was away but I got his parts and I could keep my parts as well, which meant I got about seven parts!

    Thank you so much teachers for organizing such a great incursion!

  22. June 17th, 2016 at 10:43 am      Reply Fionn Says:

    In the animation I enjoyed doing it but I found it hard to move the characters half a centimetre. The animation went for fifteen seconds. There was a remote and when we moved the picture, it took a photo of the character that was on the background that we drew before the animation. My background was a golf course. We could only have two characters.

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